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Buick GMC Brake Fluid Exchange

Exchange Your Brake Fluid

How do you keep up with your vehicle’s service schedule? Some people treat it like spring cleaning and do everything a certain time of year. Others use smart reminders and apps to keep track. Whatever your method, it’s important to make sure that brake fluid exchange services are included.

What Is a Brake Fluid Exchange?

Brake fluid is used to supply stopping power to your brake pads. The hydraulic system applies pressure to the fluid in the lines, and that pressure ultimately reaches the pads and stops the vehicle. Considering the fluid is essential to work brakes, you can see why servicing the fluid is important to maintaining any vehicle.

A brake fluid exchange service provides two benefits. First, it enables an expert mechanic to inspect the brake system and ensure everything is working properly. Second, it trades old, contaminated fluid for fresh, new fluid. This keeps the brake lines healthy and everything functioning the way it should.

Why Does Brake Fluid Matter?

In particular, brakes are subject to moisture contamination. You might not think that a little water in the brake fluid could be so terrible, but the long-term implications are severe. When enough moisture penetrates the brake lines, a few bad things happen. For starters, the boiling point of the brake fluid goes down. This makes the brake system more susceptible to overheating, and that means your brakes are more likely to stop working after repeated use. Anyone with experience driving through mountains understands this problem.

The second problem is that the moisture can corrupt other parts of the brake system. It can corrode the lines, calipers and other parts of the system. Even when this doesn’t happen, contaminated brake fluid has a different density. This can impact its ability to impart stopping power to the brake pads and ultimately reduce your control over the vehicle.

Depending on the manufacturer, brake fluid should be exchanged with regularity. Some suggest every 2 years or 20,000 miles. For some, the interval is much longer. There are even models where there is no clear recommendation. Instead, they suggest having the lines inspected every one to three years and deferring to the experts to determine when an exchange is necessary.

Brake Fluid Service at Gregg Young Buick GMC Service Center

Gregg Young Buick GMC has been servicing vehicles in Indianola for nearly 20 years. Before that, Gregg Young worked another 20 years in the auto industry. Our team is committed to making sure your car is safe and in top shape. If you want certified experts inspecting your brake system to ensure your safety, Gregg Young Buick GMC is the place to go.

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