Brake Rotors Resurfacing or Replacement

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Brake Rotor Service in Indianola, IA

At Gregg Young Buick GMC of Indianola, we operate a service department with a team qualified technicians with significant direct experience inspecting, resurfacing, and replacing brake rotors like the ones on your vehicle. Brake rotors accept stopping power as brake pads are clamped against them to generate friction. The friction generated at the brake rotors equals the stopping force necessary to slow down as needed on the highway or if you need to slam on the brake pedal to prevent a collision.

Resurfacing vs. Replacement

Depending upon the physical condition of the rotors, the service will include either resurfacing or replacement. Knowing which one your rotors will need comes down to their physical condition; minor rotor wear can get resurfaced through mechanical machining; however, when the rotor wear is too much to machine away or the rotor is damaged, it will require replacement.

Here is an Overview of our Brake Rotor Services:


A qualified technician uses a specialized rotor surface turning machine to remove a small portion of the rotor face. This restores the flat rotor face to a perfectly flat condition that maximizes resistance between the brake pads and rotors.


When the grooves are too deep or the rotors are damaged, we will remove the old rotors and replace them as necessary to advance reliable brake system performance and passenger safety.

Servicing Your Brake Rotors

Brake rotors are some of the most durable automotive components but the extreme pressure, friction, and heat will eventually begin to threaten the physical integrity of the rotors. The issue here is that brake rotors are designed with a perfectly flat face that maximizes surface contact with the brake pads and ultimately maximizes stopping power when you need it most. However, the perfectly flat face will eventually get cracks, grooves, or warping. No matter what the brake rotors’ defect, you can rest assured that our service will do whatever is needed to restore integrity to your vehicle’s brake system. We provide Brake Rotor Resurfacing and Replacement at our Buick GMC Service Center in Indianola near Norwalk and Des Moines, IA.

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