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New Tires for Sale near Des Moines

Tires are a huge part of why your car is even on the road and keeping them in good shape is a must. Often times, our tires become worn, slick, and even dangerous over time, making it necessary to replace them. The replacement process is fairly simple and with the right mechanic, you can be in and out in record time.

Our tires go through a lot from hot pavement to uneven surfaces, the more you drive the more your tires are going to wear. As the tread from your tire wears it can make your tires unsafe to drive on and can cause major issues with the overall safety of your car. Replacing tires is a necessary part of the life of your car when it comes to the age of the tire, sometimes, however, things like flats and blowouts can also cause trouble. If you have to have a tire replaced, replacement service means the removal of the old tire from the wheel and placement of a new tire.

Shopping for New Tires

There is a range of different reasons you might need a replacement tire. Your tires may be worn from use, dry rotted from age and weather, or they may be damaged beyond the point of repair. Your technician is going to be able to tell you if your tires need actual replacement or if they just need to be repaired or if they even can be repaired.

What Happens if I Drive on Old Tires

Delaying this service has a few different connotations. If your tires are old and are slick, you may lose control and may slide off the road. If your tires are thin and the sidewalls are bulging you may experience a blowout. If your tires are flat and you need new ones, you cannot drive on a flat tire for fear of damaging the rim or the wheel of the car. If your tires need to be replaced you should do it as soon as possible to make sure your car is safe and road ready.

Gregg Young Buick GMC Tire Replacement Department

Gregg Young Buick has a range of great parts, work stations while you wait, free wi-fi, reading materials, coffee and more to make your wait as pleasant as possible. We are a dedicated dealership that is going to be able to get your new tires in a flash. We also have a fantastic staff that is going to be able to get your car back on the road faster and more efficiently.

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